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What my clients have to say:

I thought I could save some money and handle everything myself. About halfway through the planning, and my wedding fast approaching, I was drowning in tears. The stress was unreal. I was referred to the Minister of Magic. Not only did she bring a smile to my face, but I was enthusiastic about what seemed to be a hopeless wedding. My fiance was thrilled too! Rain showed us how we would actually save money and have a wonderful stress free fun time. Our wedding was more than I ever dreamed it could be. All it took was one phone call. I am forever grateful  to rain of Magic!

Mrs. Susan Rosen

I see the stress that my friends experience in planning their wedding. I can't relate at all. Planning my wedding was such an exciting process. My wedding was so easy and fun! I can't imagine why anyone would do anything but call Rain as the Magical Minister!

Mrs. Jane Dun.

 A friend recommended Rain of Magic for our upcming conference.   We needed a motivational or entertaining Speaker.  At first the idea of a Magician seemed unlikely a choice but we  were happy we made that choice.  She is amazing. Thanks.
Nick Thompson.  

Thank you for making my chilld's  celebration everything it turned out to be.

-Maria H.

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